Alison Hammond Speaks Out on ITV For The Love Of Dogs Controversy

Alison Hammond has hit back at trolls following her debut as the new host of For The Love Of Dogs.

Alison responded to criticism on Twitter, retweeting supportive messages from fans. One fan’s tweet read: “Dear Alison, We can’t think of anybody better & loving to follow dear Paul O’Grady and love the pups at For The Love of Dogs. @itvFLOD xxxx,” to which Alison quote-tweeted with love and dog emojis.

Another message said: “All those people judging before it was even shown. Shame on you. It is about the dogs & I’m sure Paul would have loved his programme being carried on. Alison was brilliant.” Alison quote-tweeted this, added dog and heart emojis, and commented: “This.”

Last week, Alison returned to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home for another episode, drawing in an average audience of 1.84 million viewers. Addressing the backlash, Alison expressed her surprise at the extent of the reaction she received for joining the show. She mentioned to The Sun: “I could understand in the sense that Paul was so loved, and people were saying: ‘How can she do Love Of Dogs when she doesn’t have a dog? How does she love dogs when she doesn’t have a dog?’

Alison also shared in a different interview that she doesn’t plan to welcome a dog into her home in the future. She explained: “I’ve already come up with my strategy. I mean, I started off saying ‘I’m going to get a dog.’ But as time went on, I realised how much actually goes into having a dog and to be a responsible owner is to recognise your own circumstances and see that maybe this isn’t the time to have a dog, however, you know, there’s always the future. I like the ones who are not perfect.”

Alison continued: “Because I’m not perfect myself. I have an affinity for the dogs where there’s something wrong with them or they might be a bit chubby or they’ve got one eye or one leg. I used to watch For the Love of Dogs when Paul O’Grady did it. He was incredible and I absolutely fell in love with all the stories and always wanted to know what was going to happen to the dogs.”

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