A Place in the Sun’s Jonnie Irwin shares update on his terminal cancer 

Jonnie Irwin, the beloved host of “A Place in the Sun,” recently gave his followers an insight into his ongoing battle with a brain tumour. After previously disclosing the spread of a tumour from his lung to his brain last November, Jonnie has been consistently updating his fans through social media.

The 49-year-old presenter, who shares his life with his wife and their three sons, recently took to Instagram, as cited by the Mirror, showcasing a new treatment apparatus he’s been trying: the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. This device assists the lungs in acquiring more oxygen, facilitating easier breathing. “I’m over the moon with the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber lent to me by @o2worx,” Jonnie expressed.

Jonnie enthusiastically elaborated, “It’s beneficial for individuals with my health condition, as well as those recovering from injuries or those seeking general wellness. It might sound preachy, but if you’re intrigued, do a quick search online. The results might surprise you! The chamber suits me to a tee, spacious enough to fit my comfy chair and devoid of any claustrophobic feelings. Each session feels rejuvenating, allowing me some downtime to work.”

Supporters swiftly responded to Jonnie’s update, many noting his healthier appearance. One remarked, “You seem significantly healthier of late.” Another added, “Your recent photos portray a brighter you, Jonnie.”

In more heartening news, Jonnie resumed his role on the small screen in September, hosting fresh episodes of “Escape to the Country” on BBC One. Through an Instagram post, he revealed his excitement about aiding prospective homeowners in their quest to find idyllic residences on the beloved daytime show. “I’ll be showcasing some marvelous rural homes in Somerset. Additionally, I get to tour a cider farm – truly one of the job’s perks! Tune in!”, he wrote.

The announcement brought a wave of supportive messages. One fan said, “Delighted to hear this! It’s wonderful that you can still work and support your lovely family.” Another chimed in, “You’re looking radiant! Eagerly waiting for your TV comeback.”

Fans have been diligently following Jonnie’s journey. One shared, “I was just watching an episode featuring you and hoping for an update. Here you are, looking vibrant as ever. Can’t wait for the upcoming show!” Echoing the sentiment, another admirer added, “I’ve caught all the episodes you’ve hosted. The anticipation for the new ones is real. Keep shining, Jonnie!”

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