98-Year-Old Widower Transforms His Garden For The Neighbourhood

in 2016, the household of Keith Davison, a 94-year-old resident of Morris, Minnesota, fell eerily quiet when he lost his wife to cancer. Until then, Keith, having spent 66 blissful years in matrimony with his beloved wife and raised three children, was truly enjoying the prime of his life.

Keith was an exceptional swimmer and regularly took to the sport. Installing a swimming pool in their backyard was a shared dream between him and his wife. But as life would have it, they never got around to actualizing this plan. The loss of his wife left Keith steeped in loneliness.

However, Keith’s resilience shone through when he was met with this devastating event. In 2017, he conceived the brilliant idea of building a swimming pool. This pool was not intended just for his use but was meant to bring joy to all the children in his vicinity. Even at 98 years old, Keith continues to relish his life, surrounded by the love and cheer of children and their families every summer in his backyard. See the video below

“The children were overjoyed, knowing that I would let them in, and that was reason enough for me to proceed,” he shared.

Keith fulfilled his and his late wife’s dream by installing a 32 by 9-foot heated pool in his backyard. The pool, complete with a shallow and deep end and its own diving board, left the neighbors astounded. “The idea was fun, but would he really follow through at 94?” wondered neighbor Jessica Heubner. As construction began, she found herself in awe. “It was mind-boggling. Such kindness is rare in today’s world.”

Despite the high costs of construction and maintenance, the fact that Keith provides free access to the pool for neighborhood children is a testament to his generosity. This spirited 98-year-old turned a dream into a communal haven, keen to have a lively household again.

The pool was meant not just for Keith, but for the children and the broader community. Its existence has added a burst of laughter, chatter, and fun to Keith’s life. It has become a hub for him to mingle with children, their parents, grandparents, and more. He now shares deep friendships and even familial bonds with his neighbors, lending him a sense of belonging, especially after the loss of his wife.

“We’re stepping out of our daily routines to interact and get to know each other,” a neighbor shared. “Keith might say it’s just a pool, but it’s so much more.”

Every summer, Keith’s backyard transforms into a bustling social hub for the neighborhood, a place where children can frolic and adults can socialize.

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