20 Unique Garden Bird Bath Ideas

A bird bath does not just have to be a little place for cardinals and blue-jays to wash up, it can also serve as a fantastic addition to your garden, visually and aesthetically. It shows that your garden is more than just a place for you to plant flowers, it is a safe haven for birds and all kinds of nature.

We have all seen the classic store bought bird bath, with a skinny base and wide bowl, which serves its purpose and keeps the birds clean. But if you are going to add something like this to your garden, why not spruce it up a bit? Get creative, start a project with your children, or add a skill set to your hobbies. Turn something old and useless into a new and unique addition to your garden. Here we are going to give you some great ideas to get you started.

Do you find yourself missing the sounds of spring? Is your garden lacking the exotic touch that bathing birds and happy feathered friends have to offer? Maybe its because you don’t have one of these new and exciting bird baths set up for them! Surely, you can’t expect them to sing from any old branch nearby. Show the birds that summer is here, and you are prepared to welcome them back to your garden with one of these clever and creative bath ideas.

1. Table Leg Stand Bath

A simple and easy design, this bird bath stands on a recycled table or chair leg. Either use a screw, nail, or glue to fasten a bowl to the top of an old leg, and you can have your own creation in your garden!

2. Glass Lampshade Bath

This Bird bath will bring elegance to any garden,  A delicate glass bowl sits high upon a thin pole. Use an old fashioned glass lampshade, or even a decorative bowl would do the trick.

3. Concrete Leaf Bath

An ingenious use of a simple leaf casting technique, this bird bath looks amazing and is easy to create on your own! Simply use a large leaf to press down over a mound of wet concrete, let it dry, peel the leaf off, and voila! You have “solid” proof of your craftsmanship!

4. Cupped Hand Bath

These amazing bird baths are a sight to behold! Deep “palms” form the bath for birds to wash up in, and flowering leaves and butterflies add a nice touch to the already beautiful design.

5. Modern Bird Bath

Sleek and simple, this bath will convince any bird that you are on the cutting edge of design! Creating a bath like this would not be too complicated, as long as you have access to a welder, as well as the skill to use it.

6. Simple Mosaic Bath

A simplified style of the mosaic, this bird bath is good for an open area, due to its wide base. Use old broken tiles or even buy a set of new ones to perfect the look you are trying to accomplish!

7. Melted Bead Bowl Bath

This creative idea can be useful for bird baths and much more! Shown here, it is suspended by two loops of rope, but a bowl could certainly be formed to fit on any kid of pedestal as well. Use different sizes and colors of beads to create your own personalized version of this bath.

8. Solar Powered Bath

Let the power of the sun attract garden critters for you with this solar powered bird bath. Featuring a multi-level fountain, any bird would surely appreciate this bath, along with your eco-friendly efforts!

9. Large Horn Bath

Turn the sound of music into the song of the birds, with this unique and interesting bird bath. Break out that old baritone from middle school, and put it to use again! Any old horn would work for this idea, just plug up the pipes, fill with water, and listen to the birds sing their appreciation.

10. Staggered Planter Bath

This fun design is sure to add a unique flair to your garden. Not only is there a bird bath on top, but you have five new places to grow flowers! Paint the pots one solid color like the example here, or get creative and add your own personal touch.

11. Stacked Stone Baths

If you can stack rocks, you can make a bird bath! Use any old metal trash can lid, and gather some flat rocks that you can stack on top of one another. Add a rock atop the trash can lid to hold it in place, and you have your very own bird bath creation.

12. Hemp Rope and Tweed Bath

A classy-country mashup, this birdbath brings elegance to the table with its glassware, as well as a rustic touch with the tweed (or hemp rope) used to stuff the insides. If you don’t feel like making the trip to a craft store, simply use an old glass cup or bowl, along with a glass plate to create a similar design.

13. Stump-top Bath

Have a tree near your garden that you’ll be getting rid of? Well, utilize the stump with this ingenious birdbath design! Nature is our friend, and where would we be if we took down a tree, without giving the birds a new place to perch?

14. Old Fashioned Sink Bath

Impress your friends and the birds with this fantastic use of an old utility. Fastened to a tree or pole, this bird bath is made of an old-fashioned porcelain sink. With some shells or rocks added, it is a quite simple yet splendid use of what would otherwise be thrown away.

15. Birch Tree Bath

As if we needed another reason to love birch trees! These natural looking baths have a simple and easy design, and are not limited to only using birch limbs. Use any combination of sticks you have available to prop up a bowl, and create a similar bird bath in your own garden.

16. Mosaic Stand Bath

Slightly more advanced than the last mosaic featured, this bird bath uses the same broken tile idea to create an impressive design around the base of the structure. Experiment with tiles to create a similar design or go with something completely original! Either way, these mosaic styles are sure not to disappoint.

17. Hollowed Log Bath

One of the most interesting designs yet, this bath uses a hollowed out log to hold water for the birds. This example seems to have been sealed, which is a nice touch if you want the log to last a longer amount of time.

18. Glass Goblet Bath

Combining several different shapes and sizes of glass cup-ware, this bird bath is a creative and sophisticated design. Simply find the best way that works for you to fasten the glassware so that it can stand soundly, and make sure there is a bowl to hold water on top, and you have your own Glass Goblet bath!

19. Stacked Planter Bath

This simple and fun design is a great project to do with your kids! Or put your artistic ability to the test and create a nice painting of your own on the side of this bath. With one planter stacked on top of another, and a bowl sitting on top, this bird bath is easy for anyone to create.

20. DVD Mosaic Bath

Last, but not least, this mosaic design is surely the most visually stunning. Instead of the usual use of tile, this design uses broken pieces of a DVD or CD to create the original mosaic style with a psychedelic twist.

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