2 Nurses become friends at hospital, then make a shocking realisation

Imagine if you found that you and one of your coworkers were inextricably linked in a way that you never thought about before. While most of us view the hospital as a place to receive help when we are sick, it is also the setting for this astonishing miracle.

Eun-Sook and Pok-Nam Shim were separated at birth back in their native South Korea, as they were born to an alcoholic father. Both sisters made their way to the United States during the 1970s, Pok-Nam was adopted by a family in Virginia and named Holly, and Eun-Sook is now known as Meagan and was adopted by a family in upstate New York.

As the sisters grew up, they had no idea that there was only 300 miles between them. In 2015, both sisters started work at the same hospital in Sarasota. What a coincidence, but this was just the beginning!

Not only did they start work at the same hospital, they were also assigned to the same floor AND the same shift. As they were introduced, and the more they began to chat, the more similarities they found when it came to their past and how they had  ended up in America.

Eventually they made the shocking realization and opted to take a DNA test to be sure, sure enough they were biological sisters brought back together by a strange twist of fate!

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