9 Things You’ll Remember If You Grew Up In The 70’s

Remember growing up in the 70s? There were never enough hours in the day to play out.  The sun always seemed to shine from the beginning of spring until the end of summer, perfect for roller skating or riding our banana bikes around the block.

Here are a few things that will bring it all back!


 1.  Spirograph

Who would have thought some plastic circles and various shapes with ridged edges could create such an intricate design when rolled along with a pen.  It was so simple, yet made the most fancy and elaborate patterns of shapes and swirls.  I got one for Christmas and spent the whole of the holiday season designing various masterpieces.

The Spirograph was great for boys and girls and the beauty of it was that no two shapes were the same, much like a snow flake.  A few felt tipped pens, to color in the designs, was all that was needed to occupy even the most restless kid.


2.  Scholl Exercise Sandals

It started as a fad, became a craze and before you could say “clip clop”, every foot was gripping the wooden sole of these exercise sandals.  A colored, leather strip stopped us falling out of the sandals, as did the adjustable buckle.  I nagged my mum for ages for some and, when I had finally ground her down, I was the proud owner of a pair.

I wore them all the time, until the leather strip stretched so much that my feet were slipping out and I kept grazing my toes – ouch!  Then I would wear a pair of thick socks with them and use them as slippers.

3.  The Bump

The lyrics were “We love the bump; everybody bump; gotta do the bump.” Bumping on the disco dance floor, in the mid 70s, had our hips moving as athletically as we desired!  KC and the Sunshine Band were one of the first pop groups to pick up the rhythm in the summer of 1975.

4.  Clackers

Just two hard plastic spheres, hanging from string, put us through torture as we banged them up and down, knocking our wrists and bruising our knuckles.  With practice, you could get them to knock together above and below your hand.

School banned them from the yard as we ended up becoming a danger to ourselves.  They were definitely more of a health hazard than the yo-yo, where taking the dog for a walk was so last year!  I’m sure Clackers was responsible for increasing my pan threshold!

5.  Charlie’s Angels

ABC aired this brilliant crime drama with three stunning “Angels”.  There was eye candy for everyone but it was Farah Fawcett who stole the show.  Besides being beautiful with an amazing figure, her biggest asset was her hair.  Every girl, including me, wanted to style her locks exactly like Farah and I would spend ages in front of the mirror, curling and combing to get the desired effect.

We never saw Charlie, the man behind the crime fighting operation.  It ran for 5 seasons and 110 episodes – I must have seen just about all of them.  I recently watched a load of repeats and it all seemed so corny.

6. Master Mind

Were you the code maker or codebreaker?  A pattern of colored pegs is placed in the four holes, shielded by the codebreaker.  It’s their job to guess the correct colors in the correct order.  It was a fun game and very additive.  Such was its success that it was one of the top selling Christmas games. 

Before the electronic generation,  games were a big part of our childhood and involved all the family.  As well as Master Mind, we played Pay Day and, of course, very long games of Monopoly, which often led to family feuds.

7.  Den

They say the simplest games are the best and, as long as you had blankets and sheets and a couple of chairs, bingo, you had everything to make a den!  Good to make indoors on a rainy day or outside when it was hot, throwing a few covers over the dining room furniture proved to be quite exciting!

My friend and I used to take candy and cookies to eat in the den, without my mom knowing.  We also used a clothes airer as a den frame and threw big beach towels over it.

8.  Saturday Night Fever

One of the best movies EVER.  I saw it five times, with different friends, and loved every minute of it.  The story, the dancing and the amazing music by the Bee Gees made it unforgettable.  As each track reached number 1 in the charts, we strutted our stuff on the dance floor, singing along at the top of our voices.

I can’t believe it’s 40 years since its release.  I even went to dancing classes to learn the steps to “Night Fever”.  That’s where I met my long term boyfriend!  When we were dating, he would wear white trousers and an unmatching cream jacket, if we were going to the disco.

9.  Lite-Brite

A memorable birthday gift in the early 70s,   The concept was simple but looked very effective when all the colors were lit up in a pattern.  You could get refills, if you lost or damaged any of the pegs, and new colors to create characters such as Mickey Mouse, My Little Pony and Scooby Doo.

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