Start Eating This If You Have Hair Loss, Thin Brittle Nails, Or Insomnia

2. Iron

Lack of Iron in your diet can cause a number of health issues. But one of these (obviously the most important) is dry brittle nails. Not only this but it can also make your nails go a funny concave shape.

Why is Iron so important I hear you ask? Well it is the vitamin in the body that is needed to produce red blood cells, that is why the majority of your Iron is found in the bodies blood stream. The following foods are what you need to eat/drink if you want more Iron in your diet:

  1. Red meat: get yourself a steak dinner, however most health buffs would recommend not eating in excess
  2. Poultry (chicken): Very easily accessible and a great source of Iron
  3. Seafood: Seafood is pretty much the best food going
  4. Beans: Maybe not your baked kind, but runners are what you need to go for
  5. Dark green vegetables
  6. Raisins: The kind you used to eat at school from the little cardboard carton
  7. Apricot
  8. Peas

Guinness is also rumoured to be a great source of Iron, but please do not drink too much. The negative effects will of course outweigh the positive!

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