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    8 Reasons Why You’re Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night

    It is such a common problem that many of us have where one minute we are in a deep sleep then the next we are tossing and turning unable to dose back off.

    We all need sleep so that we can function properly. For younger adults (18-25) and other adults (26-64) they should be having between 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Some people can function on just 3 or 4 hours sleep whereas others need 10 or more to get out of bed. These 8 reasons may explain why you may not be sleeping the whole way through the night (excluding times where sleep loss is expected such as being a new parent).

    1. Temperature Problems

    According to menshealth.com, the perfect temperature for our bodies to have the best nights sleep is at around 18 degrees celsius or 65 degrees fahrenheit. The reason being because it allows our bodies to do its job. During deep sleep our bodies temperature are naturally low and then raise nearer the end of our sleep to tell us to wake up. So by keeping the room temperature low, allows our bodies to do the rest of the work. If the temperature is too warm, our bodies may sweat whilst in too cold temperatures our muscles may get stiff which may cause some pain during seep.

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    When do the old £10 notes expire? Which new tenners are worth a lot of money?

    Although our pound is getting weaker in monetary terms, they have been getting stronger against the washing machine since the new plastic notes were released in September this year. By now you have probably plucked a glossy ten pound out of your wallet instead of hoping your notes don’t disintegrate as you rummage around for them, but when will the old paper notes stop being used?

    Just as the date of the expiry of the old round pound coins came upon us all of a sudden, so to will the expiry of your ragged paper ten pounds notes. The paper £10 will cease to be legal tender in spring 2018, but the Bank of England promises to give you three months notice to spend those paper monies before they actually cease to be legal tender.

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    Liz Dawn, who played Vera Duckworth in Coronation St. has died

    Sad to report that Liz Dawn passed away last night, she was 77.

    A statement from the family of Liz Dawn

    We are devastated and heartbroken at the passing of our much-loved wife, mother, sister, grandmother and great grandmother, the incredible Liz Dawn.

    Liz died peacefully last night at home with her loving family around her.

    She has been the love, light and inspiration in our lives and we are bereft at her passing.

    A statement from Coronation Street

    It is with the greatest sadness that we have learned our beloved Liz Dawn has passed away last night. Her family at Coronation Street are heartbroken.

    We extend our heartfelt condolences and sympathy at this very sad time to Liz’s devoted husband Don, her loving children Graham, Dawn, Ann and Julie, their families and her six grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

    We have been blessed to have Liz in our lives, as she was such a kind, considerate and caring friend and colleague. As Coronation Street’s Vera Duckworth for 34 years, Liz brought so much joy and happiness to so many. She was a wonderful actress who will forever be a true Coronation Street legend.

    On behalf of ITV and the programme Coronation Street’s Executive Producer, Kieran Roberts said:

    “Liz Dawn was a true Coronation Street legend, a brilliant actor and a wonderful person. Everyone lucky enough to have worked with Liz during her thirty-four years playing Corrie icon Vera Duckworth will remember her with huge affection.”

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    This new £10 just sold for £3,600 on eBay. See how to spot if you have one too

    A new plastic £10 note featuring the portrait of Jane Austen has sold for THOUSANDS of pounds on eBay.

    The new tenner which has the serial number AH17 75 – which is the year of the author’s birth, 1775 – sold for £3,600 on the auction website.

    The note sold over the weekend after receiving two bids. The sale shows that there could be many more notes in circulation which could be worth much more than a tenner. Click next to continue reading

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    Obvious error makes this £2 coin worth a fortune. Do you have one?

    If you’ve got a £2 coin in your wallet, you could already be sitting on a small fortune, thanks to a newly found error on a lot of the current coins in circulation.

    Experts revealed that a number of the 2015 Britannia £2 coins currently being used include a striking error – which could make them very valuable to coin collectors. The rare £2 coins show the Queen’s head rotated clockwise by around 150 degrees – but, with only 650,000 in circulation, and just a few thousand ‘upside down’, you’re definitely going to have to dig deep to find a special one.

    You’ll see that the coin on the right has the Queen’s head struck at the wrong angle – a mistake now confirmed by the Royal Mint
    The Royal Mint said the misalignment was “almost certainly the result of one of the dies working loose and rotating during the striking process”.

    The government body also said the £2 Britannia coin is one of the most scarce circulating £2 coins ever minted – it is third equal in the all-time low mintage charts. Click next to continue reading

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    The new £10 note: How to spot if yours is worth thousands

    Some of the new bank notes are worth far more than £10

    People can make thousands by checking the serial number on their new £10 banknotes when they’re released this week. Unique or special serial numbers can make the new Jane Austen note worth thousands, but how do you know which ones are valuable?

    How do the serial numbers work?

    The serial numbers show when the note was printed, with the new run of £10 notes starting with the prefix of AA01 and going up from there. The new £5 note had 60 notes printed to each sheet, meaning that the first sheet had the serial number prefixes AA01 to AA60, according to ChangeChecker.org. The new £10 note is slightly larger, so will only have 54 notes printed per sheet. The serial number is printed on one side of the note, the same side as Jane Austen’s face. It is two letters followed by eight numbers, running from 000001 to 999000.

    Which codes will be most valuable?

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    The value of this £1 coin will soar next month. Do you have one?

    The value of the rarest £1 coin in circulation is set to soar when it is taken out of circulation next month.

    The 2011 £1 coin, which features Edinburgh, is the rarest to be put into circulation by the Royal Mint.

    Recent sales on eBay and other such websites have show the coin is worth considerably more, and this is set to increase once it’s taken out of circulation

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    These rare £1 coins could be worth a fortune, do you have one?

    There’s only one month left to cash in on the old £1 coins before they become useless. You’ll no longer be able to use them to make purchases in shops, supermarkets, vending machines and even car parks! Here we’ll take a look at the 10 rarest and most valuable designs.

    2011 Edinburgh £1 coin.

    This is the rarest £1 coin in circulation which is part of a series of coins depicting the four capital cities in the UK. There are around 935,000 in circulation and the coins are being sold for around £30 if they’re in very good condition. Most of the coins are going for £5 though. Click ‘Next’ to see the rest

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    The Next Royal Baby Name Predicted!

    As The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are now expecting their third child speculation has already begun and bookmakers have already made their predictions on what the next royal baby name will be.

    There are a few suggestions being spoken about, click next to see the bookies favourite!

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    Bruce Forsyth dies aged 89

    Sad to report that the TV and showbiz legend Sir Bruce Forsyth has died aged 89.

    His family confirmed that the national treasure, veteran performer and TV presenter – who fronted Strictly Come Dancing from 2004-2014 – passed away on Friday, after being unwell for some time.

    ‘It is with great sadness that the Forsyth family announce that Sir Bruce passed away this afternoon, peacefully at his home surrounded by his wife Wilnelia and all his children,’ his manager Ian Wilson said in a statement.

    It’s great to see he kept his sense of humour right until the end.

    ‘A couple of weeks ago, a friend visited him and asked him what he had been doing these last 18 months. ‘With a twinkle in his eye, he responded: “I’ve been very, very busy…being ill!”.’ Rest in Peace Bruce

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    The Queen’s Drinking Habits Revealed

    The Queen’s drinking habits have been revealed, we’re sure that you’ll be shocked at how many alcoholic drinks the 90-year-old can knock back every day.

    For starters, she’s supposedly keen on a cheeky gin and Dubonnet just before her lunch. Then, during her midday meal she reportedly has a glass of wine.At this point we’d probably start feeling a bit tipsy. Never one to let the team down, Queen Lizzie continues, polishing off a dry Martini in the evening and a flute of champagne before heading to bed.


    Good for her!

    If you haven’t been counting up the units, (don’t worry, we have) this would mean that she’s supposedly racking up around 6 a day, or 42 units a week – technically making her a binge drinker. Who’d have thought it!

    The late Queen Mother gets the award for Biggest Royal drinker though. Her taste for gin meant that she allegedly used to drink around 70 units a week.


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